Combined BOSIET (with CA-EBS) & BOSIET with rebreather & TSbB
CourseCombined BOSIET (with CA-EBS) & BOSIET (with Rebreather) & TSbB CODE: 5750 & 5707 or 5700 (No TSbB)
  • Safety Induction Helicopter Safety & Escape (HUET with Rebreather/CA- EBS/Aviation Transit Suit)

  • Sea Survival & First Aid

  • Fire Fighting/Self Rescue

Duration3 day
Qualifications / Requirements
  • Personnel who work offshore in a cold environment including United Kingdom (UK) sector.

  • Personnel who are new to the offshore oil and gas industry and who have not done any BOSIET training

  • Personnel who require transfer by boat to & fro the offshore platform (except Code: 5700)

  • A valid or current offshore medical, or possess an operator approved medical, or, undergo OPITO medical screening form in SEQU.

Validity4 years
Rate per paxRM 2,970 (Must be done on the same 3 days)
  • BOSIET with CA-EBS is effective from 15th February, 2016 for the UK and other North Sea countries.

NOTE for those who are attending the Combined BOSIET with CA-EBS and BOSIET with rebreather on the same 3 days duration, on completion of the training module. Two Certificates will be issued that is:
1) 5707 BOSIET and Travel Safely By Boat or 5700 BOSIET
2) 5750 BOSIET with Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS)

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